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Another Way (ette)

A short decade ago, when my son Harry was 1 year old, he could only drink goat milk. I will spare you the finer details of how I figured this out.

We had used our life savings to move to Oregon to makes Kent's dream come true. Once we got here, Kent's job options were shockingly limited. Things were...tight. Up the street from where we lived was a goat farm. The raw milk from the farm was cheaper (and higher quality) than the store bought stuff. I had $10 left to spend on groceries and 20 days left in the month. I chose to spend it on Harry's milk. I prayed that morning for a better job for Kent, for divine intervention, for a greater understanding of the principle "enough" because the finer points of that law were lost on my discouraged heart. I piled the kids in the car and drove up to the farm. As I was getting out of the car, I felt the gentle tug of the Spirit on my heart. It whispered "Let Me show you another way."

I stepped out of the car and went into the barn to place my money in the jar and take the milk. The farmer, John, came running out of the house.

John: "I'm so glad I caught you. I have a proposition for you. My wife and I are teachers and can't take vacations during the school year. Could you take care of our farm so that we could go back East for a while this summer?"

Me: "Uhhhhh....."

John: "You can have all the milk and eggs you want. Also, we have organic blueberry patch. You can have as much as you want. I will also press any apples you have to make juice."

People, I spent a happy summer milking goats, feeding chickens and caring for a farm. I learned heaps! We picked 40 pounds of blueberries, froze them for winter and took crap apples from any neglected tree to press into 14 gallons of juice. My baby Harry and Bella would play with the chickens while I milked the goats every morning and night. Because I suddenly had a plethora of milk, I taught myself to make homemade soap. I then traded that soap with a farm in Yamhill for meat and raw cow milk. They then paid me to teach soap making classes.

"Let me teach you a another way."

The "how" is none of my business. My heart was ache-y with worry and fear. While I saw things linearly (husband job=money=food), the Lord saw the whole story including knowledge I needed. I could worry like it's my job, my full-time gig. However, trust and hope seem to be the more productive way.

It says in the scriptures that the Lord can move mountains. For me, that's not talking about the geography. It's regarding my internal landscape. The Lord can shift my heart, my circumstances and my life. He does it all the time.

I'm not sure what the politically correct way to say "more than one way to skin a cat" is but whatever that is, embrace it. God has your back, the Universe is conspiring on your behalf and there is always a way for those who live in gratitude.

Just sayin'. Carry on.

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