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Body Love Letter (ette)

Dear Body...

You've been with me longer than anything else. You and I, we are a force to be reckoned with. I was thinking all about the different phases we've been through and I realized I haven't shown you the wholehearted gratitude you deserve.

Thank you housing my spirit in such a way that I can accomplish all I came to earth to do.

I love those beautiful pink reminders of that human-making super power you have. Thank you for growing and nursing my babies. Together we've spent 8 years in the nursing and baby growing process. I feel like that was a solid effort. Let's call it day in that arena, shall we. Seriously though Body, you created miracles and miracles within those miracles. My goodness I stand all amazed and humbled by what you've brought into the world. Thank you, dear body, for giving life to my loves.

Remember the flu of 2011? Woozer...that was a doozey. Or that time I was convinced I was going to be an Olympic gymnast using only Grandma's clothes line to train? Granted I didn't think that one through. Thank you for getting ill or broken and then healing. I marvel at how you've done that for me time and time again.

Tenacity is something that comes from deep in my soul; respect is something you've repeatedly asked me to learn. I'm still learning. Don't give up on me. Thank you for the days you feel worn out. I learn my truths from you on the strong days but I learn depth from you on the tired days too. There is great power in humility. You've always shown me my limits with love. I usually throw a tantrum back. Thank you for drawing lines and redirecting my goals with compassion.

Thank you for staying strong and getting stronger. There have been times I have broke you down accidentally and intentionally. We get better with age, you and I. I'm getting better at listening to you. You're getting real good and telling me when to stop. Thank you for that.

You are the one person in my family that I never have to remind it's bedtime. God bless you for that.

We've seen ALOT of vistas together and even more miracles. It's hard to choose a favorite so I'll just choose gratitude for the ability to even experience them at all. The moments I get to feel the arms of a loved one around me, the tears of a friend on my neck, the views from the top of the mountains. the sound of the oceans. I think my very favorite sound is laughter. I could get lost in listening for joy all around me. I love the sounds of joy. Thank you for giving me the ability to see, touch, feel and hear the abundant life all around and within me. Remember the first time a starfish suctioned your hand and you shivered and laughed? Or the time we stood on top of a volcano, scared crap-less, and saw the most perfect, undisturbed piece of nature we've ever witnessed? There is beauty on the other side of facing fears. We have time to figure the fear-of -heights thing out.

Every process; from cell regeneration to digestion and every breath in between is a miracle. It's all so voluntary and perfect. You do it, all of your chores without being reminded. Huzzah and thank you!

I like to think I've never taken you for granted. Maybe that's true but I've not always treated you gently either. I will do better. I give you food that nourishes you in magical ways, but I've also withheld foods you lovingly deserve out of grit. I'm trying to find balance. Thank you for your patience as I do.

I promise when our time on earth together is done, my hands will be worn out to get strong and make others stronger. We will have seen more stunning views, heard more joys, and held more people with love and understanding. All because you let me.

Body of mine, you are worthy of great things. I love you.



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