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Givings (ette)

I told my kids there was no Easter Bunny. It didn't stick. They don't believe me.

"Easter is about Jesus. It just is. Nothing else" I said.

They're not having it. I don't even know where to start with this so I'm going to just start with some of my observations of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I think that God gives the world hamsters for our children to learn about prayer and death.

I like to think He gave us teenagers to learn patience.

I feel like He gives us kids to relearn to see the world with awe, how to play and what really matters.

Of all the names given to the Savior in the Bible, my very favorite is "an High Priest of Good things to Come. (Hebrew 9:11)" The Gospel of Jesus Christ is optimistic. Always.

I do not think Google was invented so we would stop asking God questions.

I think maybe He gave us Mountains to learn about steadiness and faith and oceans to learn about stillness (or lack thereof) to name a few.

I could be wrong...

I've sat outside my kids door when they are wailing in time-out or trying to put themselves to sleep. As I've rocked back and forth listening to them, I've wondered if that's how God feels when we are achy with grief, worry, anger or sadness.

My children have also burst in on me kneeling in prayer more times then they can count. I'm not sure if this looks like weakness or strength to them. They still believe in the Easter Bunny sooooo........

At the suggestion of a dear friend, I began picturing my Savior next to me as I pray, stroking my hair, calming my mind. In the midst of surrendering my never-ending To-Do list along with my deepest worries sprinkled with some of my dreams over to Him I've blurted out clumsily and with shame"This is all I can do!" All I feel in return is my Savior saying "You're enough" while continuing to stroke my hair until I fall asleep. Prince of Peace is my second favorite name given to my Savior.

I do not think He gave us cars so that we would stop walking.

I think He gives me sunrises to help me remember that each day is fresh and new with no mistakes in it.

I do not think He gave us screens to stop feeling the texture of turning pages.

I know He gives me weakness so that I can find strength.

I think that the Savior of the World actually died of a broken heart that came from shouldering all of our sorrows (like all of them) and sins.

I could be wrong...

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