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Grace (ette) or lack thereof

This week all the Grace ran out. Like all of it. All the grace I needed for myself, for my kids, for my business, for my teaching, for my life...gone.

I almost burned my house down, my business continually teaches me lessons I didn't want to learn, I felt proverbially crushed by the sheer amount of things I need to accomplish, and my kids....dear heavens above, my kids....they will not stop arguing.

As a ramification of setting hard-boiled eggs to cook at 9:30 am walking out the door and returning 4 hours later to a smoke filled home and a pot that spontaneously burst into flames when I carried it outside, I now smell like a chain-smoker. My house smells like a cheap-ass Trucker Motel with low moral principles that swear to the moon that "all rooms are non-smoking" and you know for sure-sies that a 78 year old man has smoked 5 packs a day for the last 7 years in that very room. Yep, that's what I smell like.

And the week just kinda went downhill from there.

Let's take a moment to look on the bright side, find the silver lining and make some lemonade.

1.The sunny November weather here is something to sing about. It has allowed me to throw open all the windows and sing Mary Poppins songs until I start to wonder about my sanity and my impressive knowledge of all Musicals ("Seven Brides", anyone?!).

<side note>Due to having windows wide open, every fly in my city has taken up residence on my ceiling. Yesterday, I killed 2 (not 1) pairs of flies as they mated on my wall. I like to think that I was killing them at their happiest while also doing them a favor.

2. My noses' ability to block things out rivals that of my brains'. Sweet. I'll take it.

3. The pot literally did not ignite until I got home and carried it outside. Guardian Angels dude. Guardian Angels All. Day. Long.

I am happy to report that 5 bath bombs, 9 miles, 5 Crossfit sessions, 20 miles on the bike, 2 hours of yoga, 7 cuddle sessions, 4 heartfelt conversations, 2 tears, 10 gut laugh moments, 5 sessions of morning scripture study and 1 change of pants later....all is well.

'Cause that's how it works right? It's all just a bunch of practice. Imperfect, atrocious, gut wrenching, soul refining practice. This week I got to practice self forgiveness, self-restraint, scrubbing skills and humor. My kids got to practice getting along, sharing, forgiving, washing all the things, humility and plugging their noses.

God doesn't expect me to do everything, but he does expect me to do what I can. For example, using my brain and not setting the house on fire. He expects me to do that. When that isn't enough, He fills in the gap. That is Grace. Those are the miracles.

So I ran out of Grace, but He didn't. I am soooooo grateful for that.

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