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Updated: Aug 30, 2018

K.A.’s camping survival guide {in order of importance}:

#1 Wear pearl earrings. Small, cheap ones from Walmart will do. If this feels like an entirely foreign concept to you, enjoy the pics cause there isn’t much I can do to help you. If, however, this rings true, grab that baggie of quarters as well from your car for a shower or two.

#1 Location. when you have to decide which is more breathtaking; pictures of your kids laughing or the general splendor of your surroundings, you’re in the right spot

#1 Acceptance is Key . “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Pretty sure Dickens was actually talking about camping and not the industrial revolution of the 1800’s. My kids will love each other fiercely and hate each other entirely, probably in the same minute. My job: Roll with it. Then Hubby Tito and the older kids had the “opportunity” to set up the tent 3 separate times in 3 separate sites over 3 days with nary a complaint in sight (There’s a reason I married him, yo.) Additionally, turns out, I have a love/hate relationship with doing dishes. Hate doing them at home, love doing them whilst camping. Not sure if it’s simplicity or nostalgia. The kids also hit world record for dad courtesy laughs and sibling complaints (i.e. “he’s breathing my air”). Yin, yang. Best, worst. Hot, cold. Such is camping.

#1 Spoiler Alert. Turns out “Seek and ye shall find” is totally true! Bebs really wanted to find 7 more ways to be bugged by her siblings...check. Harry needed to jump on EVERYTHING ....boom...mission accomplished. Evelyn needed mom time, needed someone to remind her of her infinite worth betcha. And Abe needed to add to his ever growing arms collection. (Disclaimer: his firearms collection also doubles as a pile of sticks and have only given him 3 slivers...don’t judge)

In conclusion, we had a 1000 laughs, 97 arguments, 42 memories, 3 tent set-ups ( I don’t do tent setup. It’s in the prenup) 1 massively sprained ankle and one random compliment on our ancient (think early 80’s)brown luggage rack that made our day, our 3rd annual San Juan Island trip was a massive success.

Eat together, wake up together, work together, play together. Repeat.

Turns out this is the formula for happiness... who knew?

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