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Truthette serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my fellow humans as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.


Newton (ette)

A teenager in bed will remain in bed until acted upon by a larger need for sustenance. This is Newton’s lesser known 4th law.

I understand why Laws 1 thru 3 get more attention. I mean, who doesn’t want to understand that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Anyone who has lived with a female experiencing PMS gets this. In fact, I theorize that Newton came up with this law after his wife asked him (respectfully) to mow the grass for the seventh time, her last request being more...animated than the others. Her anger was big enough to budge his stubbornness. He mowed the lawn, sat down under the tree to appreciate a job well done and an apple fell on his head. Hence, he comes up with Newton’s Laws of Physics and the rest is history.

So really we can thank his wife.

I’m living proof that Newton’s 3rd law is true, 100%. It took a global pandemic (action) to halt all of my actions.

The good and the bad reactions.

The “fix it” reaction and the “ponder it” reaction.

The “grateful” reaction and the “why are you an ass-hat” reaction.

The quiet reaction and the too many words reaction.

The anger reaction and the laughter reaction.

What I thought was funny doesn’t make me laugh right now. What I once assumed is reliably unreliable and what I craved doesn’t fill me up.

Like the world around us, I’m just stopped. Some are calling it a breath. Others call it a pause. My favorite people are calling it a blessing.

I just see space. Lots of it.

The sheer enormity of the force that stopped the actions of my mind, body, life and spirit is massive. That says something about how much force was propelling this mama forward.

So what do I do with this newfound and unsolicited space?

How long was it between the apple falling on Newton’s head and the realization that he just uncovered a scientific truth so colossal that it would withstand the test of time? Was it seconds, days, months? Either way, he was a slight headache away from understanding, really understanding physics.

For some it’s more of a migraine or tumor, but I hope when my slight headache is over that we all emerge with our truth. Truths so bold and brilliant that they last for generations.

I want to cling to what I’m learning so passionately that my grandkids talk about it when I’m old, decrepit and painting my fingernails hot pink on a Monday morning.

“My grandma was alive during Covid 19 pandemic of 2020.”

“Does she remember it?”

“She gets quiet when she talks about how little she understood, how fast information came, how high the bodies piled, how rare real friends are, how scary it all felt, how much she missed youth baseball and basketball, how grateful she was for health and family. Then she smiles.”

“Doesn’t seem like something to smile about to me.”

“She says it’s the one moment in history when an apple fell on the head of every single person in the world at once. From that apple the humble ones learned about their truth, the angry ones threw the apple hard probably at someone else’s head, and the desperate ones made applesauce because it was more important to hurriedly eat what they had been missing.”

“Which one was she?”

All of them.

My truths are mine. What are yours?

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