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Truthette serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my fellow humans as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.


Pig (ette)

In 1859, an American farmer named Lyman Cutler finished planting his potatoes on San Juan Island. He probably stood back and looked at his hard work with pride.

Then along came “this little piggie” who trampled Cutler’s garden to bits.


To be fair, this was the pig’s third time trespassing.

Cutler got angry and got revenge. He shot the pig.


Oh the then….

A war broke out. A legit war. It’s known as the “Pig War”.

American settlers protected Cutler until the troops could arrive.

Canada sent in a battleship. 2000 soldiers faced off for four months until they peacefully walked away.

The only casualty was the pig.

I wondered what words were exchanged that made them lower the guns, reflect on their life choices and go back home. I wonder why it took four months. They probably could have grown a lot more gardens in those four months.

You guys, I am not even making this stuff up. I’m not that creative.

Am I the only person who finds this hilarious?

Why do I want to make this into a screenplay? It could mirror our social interactions, specifically social media interactions, to perfection.

This entire thing happened one year before the Civil War. ONE YEAR!

Perspective people. There were bigger battles to fight and bigger fish to fry (or bacon to fry in this case).

We’ve got crises and issues aplenty. There is no shortage of plagues (of the mind, body and spirit) that need our attention.

NEW FLASH: bitterness, shaming, hatred and TIK TOK is not going to solve them.

Here’s our friendly reminder to focus on what actually matters.

Your attention is currency. Invest wisely.

Scroll on by if you find something that doesn’t resonate with you.

Because, fellow humans, it’s just a garden. It’s just a pig.

It’s gonna be okay.

Don’t make it into a war.

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