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Place (ette)

Ever stop to consider your "place"? Someone has probably tried to put you in your 'place', set your 'place' at the table, handed you a 'place'ment test, shown you their favorite 'place' to eat or simply mentioned 'there's a time and place' to your not-so-subtle attempt at addressing the pink elephant in the room. (No? Just me? Alrighty then).

One of my personal favorites comes from my childhood when I would make an unholy mess of the place and my Mom would say "There's a mess from Hell to Breakfast." Now there's a visual my imagination could (and has) run a-muck with. A "Hell to Breakfast" place would look like IHOP and smell like Home Depot, with a side of bacon and a dash of maple syrup. Am I right?!

But I digress...

When I'm put in my 'place', I sure as hell don't stay.

When I get first 'place', that doesn't define me.

When I get last 'place', that doesn't hold me.

When I subtly remind my 4 year old that we don't take pictures in Sacrament Meeting at Church..."time and place"...he tucks that instructional tidbit right along side the "no potty-talk" parental reprimand inside his proverbial mental couch cushions where my words go to die. All with an adorable look on his face that vaguely resembles a child's version of the neon "vacancy" signs we see on small town motels.

I've set 'places' for people who can't come and forgotten 'place' settings for expected guests.

You get the picture.

So where exactly is MY 'place'? This question has plunged me into a lot of thought, mild introspection and a random poll (is there any other kind of poll?) Here's my answer:

Right HERE. No. Not there. Or there. But HERE.

My place is powerful and present, sturdy and shifting all at once. Hey, it wouldn't be MINE if it wasn't quirky with a side of ironic. (Can I get an AMEN, sista?)

My place isn't in the future because I don't belong there yet. But the Future is holding my bigger places, keeping them warm so I can enjoy my RIGHT NOW PLACE.

My place is forward facing, upward gazing and hopeful. The look on my face in my 'Place' is an awed, slightly befuddled expression that mirrors the one we use when we ask for directions. 'Cause I don't have life figured out. Not even close.

My place is with my family, snuggled up with words permanently askew in my head.

My place is with the tribe I've created. Every blessed one of them.

So where's yours? Own it, embrace it, change it if needed. Then hold it and cherish it only the way you can. It's a pretty special spot you have there, because it has you. There isn't anyone in this world that can take your 'place'.

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