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Updated: Sep 28, 2018

What are the first words in your head when you wake up? I'm 90% sure that my cat's first words are "For the love.." Our cat has issues. For starters, his name has disintegrated from Percy to Kitty Barbeque to KB to Barbara to Smoochable -Vicious(that one was an uncharacteristic leap, I grant you) to MoNisker to just plain old Cat. Or "ca" for short.

...and I'm just getting started.

In no particular order here is list of quirks in our home:

The kid's bathroom sink only drains on Sundays.

The computer I work on has to be plugged in at all times and if you nudge it, even a little, it proverbially flips me off by shutting down immediately and erasing what we've been working on.

Oh, and if that weren't enough, once it decides to re-engage and turn on, I have to reset the calendar from January 1980 to today in order for the Internet to work, cause you know, there wasn't internet in 1980. It takes exactly one "Heart" song to do this FYI.

The deep fryer that foams over every time I fry organic russet potatoes. Anything else...fry away. Russet potatoes, say good-bye to the countertop and the next 20 minutes of my life.

The diaper changing table turned into masculine dresser (don't judge).

The car door that won't automatically shut (as it promised to) on days below 45 degrees.

My husband's phone that needs to be shaken twice and showed a pretty view of the lake at his work in order to connect with my phone. It works just fine talking to anyone else, but my not.

To be fair though, that is the case with our entire family. My son threatened my oldest by saying he was rubbing his butt all over her room in hopes to get the whereabouts of the Ipad disclosed while she was away at a friend's (this was a hilarious text-chain to read BTW).

Stubborn, butt-rubbing, multi taskers full of nick-names and quirks...yep, that's us. So really, the cat didn't stand a chance.

So what are the first thoughts of my day? Come here, no, closer, I'll tell you. Shhhhh. It's a secret. My first words "I love my life." Love, like lots. I love what I do. I love every chaotic, insane mundane moment. When people ask how I'm doing my answer is always "I'm living my dream" cause peeps, I totally believe I am. Even on the days I want to crawl under the covers and try again tomorrow. If my words are my blueprint for my day, then I have to be real careful about the words I'm using to decide my day. "I love my life" feels exacto-mundo on the good days and like what "will be" on the hard days. I say this to myself alot on the hard days. I choose joy because it's a happy way to live, not because circumstance dictates it.

So really, what are the first words in your head when you wake up? "Speak what you seek until you see what you said."(Thanks T)

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