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Tree (ette)

We got our Christmas tree today. In the great northwest, it is blasphemy to use a fake Christmas tree. This year we tried a different tree farm. There weren't any reindeer to pet, hot cocoa or Santa to chat up. There WAS the sweetest granny ever, wielding a chainsaw in a way that would make most lumberjacks drop their jaws. Also, the trees were $5. Also, there were 6 left to choose from. They were named Elephant, Piggie, Pamplemoose, Chump, Champ and Bob. We chose Pamplemoose. It was the best of the worst.

I was super prepared to get this tree home and then go try again at another farm. I have to stare at this thing for the next 30 days. The least it could do is remind me of God. Well, smell good and remind me of God but you get the point.

We got Pamplemoose into the house. Turned it this way. Then tried pointing the bald spot due north. You know how things begin to look better when they are assigned a 80% savings. So it was with Pamplemoose. For $5, it works! Kent said "it's a wild tree". That is super accurate! Honestly, it looks ticked-off to be here. It demanded to be brought in the back door(diva), instant water (as if) and a google search as to how to get rid of sap on hands. I've had children's birthday parties that were less demanding on my attention. A wild tree for our wild group of offspring. It's fitting. Pamplemoose was never trimmed down or pruned up. He (it's a guy, obviously)was relegated to the tax-defered portion of the property (think "time-out" for trees). Lonely, wild, forgotten and pissed.

He stands in the middle of our room. It looks like he's throwing a tantrum. He was so irritated by us that he brought home some friends; a daddy-long legs and unidentified Thing 1 and Thing 2. We love a good party!

We've all felt these things before; lonely, wild, forgotten. Every time I've experienced these emotions, it was a fellow human who pulled me out of it. A lone cheerleader, sometimes a team. Occasionally I can pull myself out but always and only with divine intervention.

I'm pretty thrilled with Pamplemoose. I think I'll give him a hug tonight after everyone's sleeping. You know, cause it's weird to hug your Christmas Tree. Tree hugging is a perfectly acceptable pass time in the Oregon, but still. I hope he can find some peace here cause we are sure grateful to have him oddities, irritations, rarities and all.

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