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Win (ette)

I failed a Christmas cookie exchange this week.

Strike 1: Store bought Jo-Jo’s.

Strike 2: I stayed for a maximum of 7 minutes. Let’s be clear. I was there for the cookies, not the socializing. Obviously.

Strike 3: I took more than the allotted amount. Accidentally. Again, obviously.

Epic. Fail.

And yet, I still have cookies. That's a win!

I am so grateful there was a win in there somewhere. In fact, I feel like there is a win to be found everywhere.

Also this week...

Forgetting to take shoes for my kid to school? A recess full of freezing puddles and splashing. Win.

Allowing my kid to choose one thing from the grocery store and they chose a pomegranate. Win.

One time...

As my friend Shelly patiently watched her husband pass away of cancer and we discussed miracles she said “I already have my miracle. It’s 20 years and a family with the man I love.” Win.

I failed miserably this week.

I usually do.

But I feel like I’m winning.

Maybe that’s the key. Maybe that's some of my truth.

Look for your win. Find it. It’s there. I promise.

It’s just waiting for you to give it the time of day.

Excuse me while I eat my winnings.

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