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Woman (ette)

My best friend asked me what being a woman means to me. She wanted to hand her sweet daughter some encouraging words about womanhood as she grows into it.

First, I love that she asked.

Second, the fact that she asked is very womanly. I have yet to hear a guy ask another guy what it means to be a guy.

This plunged me into at least 45 minutes of deep-ish thoughts.

And the only thing I can come up with is this:

Being a woman is like being a bomb.

Tell me I’m wrong.

There are things ticking inside us.

We are a carefully crafted artifice of war that can explode, implode, reload, and make others feel safe and scared all at once. We are sensitive to environment, sound, light and situation.

Being a woman is:

Quiet and loud.

It’s uncomfortable and home.

It’s huge, but not big enough.

Entire worlds lie within us. We also have the ability to change the worlds we live in now, for good or for evil. To destroy or to build it up.

Landscapes of such diversity and complexity lie inside women that artists can’t even translate it. Most of us spend our entire lives navigating and learning those landscapes by heart, while pushing the boundaries.

Womanhood is holding the little things until the world doesn’t feel so massive to them anymore. When you let go of them, you realize they were in fact the big things all along. We can make others brave and safe.

We are walking oxymorons.

We are not what is written in between the lines. We are the words. You’ll meet people who “skip read”. Those are not your people.

Part of being a woman is being okay not knowing everything. Some people call this faith.

The most powerful women are the ones who love to learn and listen.

We ladies deal in Big Feelings Currency (BFC). Which doesn’t have a high exchange rate on the DOW, NASDAQ or markets of the world. That’s why women focus on the Universe instead, the Big Picture. It gets us.

It’s important that you realize this now. Being a woman isn’t just taking up space on the planet. Women are the species that provide space.

We hold up space for others so they can figure things out. While doing that, we end up figuring our own crap out. This entire process is called compassion. It’s what makes us strong and that’s part of being a woman.


There’s time.

For now, just realize that you are strong. You were born that way.

That we are stronger together.

That we love big and hard and well for a reason.

And that I adore you, kiddo. You got this.

What does it mean to be a woman to you? What does being a woman mean to you?

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